Charles ‘enormously’ enjoyed crowds, claims body language expert

The King’s body language as he attended the Easter Sunday service at St George’s Chapel Windsor this morning showed he was delighted to be back in the company of his people, claims a leading body language expert. 

The monarch displayed many of his trademark expressions, present throughout his royal life, during his first formal outing since his cancer diagnosis, including his ‘comedy mouth’ and pointing gestures.

Expert Judi James told MailOnline that there was also a reluctance to leave the gathered well-wishers and go into church, with the 75-year-old monarch offering a lingering four waves before he finally walked into the royal church just before 10.45am this morning. 

With Queen Camilla by his side – displaying her own ‘relaxed’ body language – King Charles was clearly having fun.  

James explained: keris34d ‘Charles looked as though he was enjoying himself enormously, back with his loyal fans and partly back at work again. 

A monarch having fun: King Charles’ body language was upbeat and showing all his usual ‘gestures of humour’ at St George’s Chapel in Windsor this morning, in spite of his health problems in recent months, said body language expert Judi James

‘His cheeks were lifted and rounded and he displayed his signature gestures and signals of good humour, pulling a comedy mouth shape at the hosts before turning to engage in what looked like some banter with the crowds.’

The expert also picked up on ‘a fluttering wave of affection before pointing and joking with his brows raised in recognition’ as he saw the dozens of people who’d gathered in Windsor to greet him on Easter Sunday. 

She said: ‘This was no swift wave and disappear, the four waves before he stepped inside suggested some reluctance to step out of the spotlight again.’

The 75-year-old appeared in high spirits as he made a ‘gentle’ return to public life in his most significant appearance since being diagnosed with cancer. 

The monarch was seen smiling and waving at well-wishers as he arrived in his maroon state Bentley limousine for the service being held at St George’s Chapel.  

‘Comedy mouth’: Throughout his royal life, Charles has pulled comedic faces as he’s playfully interacted with royal fans, and today was no different, James said

That’s the King we know! Charles points at a well-wisher in the crowd. Right: A lingering wave: King Charles waved four times before entering St George’s Chapel for the Easter service, suggesting he wanted a little more time to engage with the crowds

Camilla looked relaxed and reassured, said James, suggesting a positive outlook, with ‘no anxious glances’ at her husband

Body language expert James suggested that Camilla didn’t need to look out too much for her husband today, saying: ‘ she did not seem to be on any form of nursing duty’

Despite doctors’ concerns over the King being at risk of greater infection because of his cancer diagnosis, the Monarch extended a hand to those who’d made the effort to see him today

The King seemed happy to press the flesh on Easter Sunday; a Maundy Thursday address earlier in the week saw the King urge people to ‘extend a hand of friendship’ to those in need

And Queen Camilla was on equally sparkling form, says James. ‘Camilla did not seem to be on any form of nursing duty, with no anxious glances at her husband. 

‘The smile and wave she performed offered similar signals of reassurance and even some pride that Charles is easing back into public life again.’ 

Despite the boost to public morale, however, the Royal Family’s Easter service looks markedly different to previous years.

Last year, during his first Easter Service as King, Charles led the Firm – including William, Kate and their children – on foot into the service, while this year he arrived by car to shield him from infection during his treatment – as per doctor’s orders.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were not in attendance this morning as they continue to recuperate in private after Kate shocked the world with her cancer diagnosis. 

Last week, the Princess revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing preventative chemotherapy. Shortly after, Kensington Palace confirmed that the Waleses would not be attending church on Easter Sunday. 

The King and Queen wave as they arrive at St George’s Chapel in Windsor – their body language suggests the pair are enjoying reconnecting with the public together 

The 75-year-old was in high spirits this morning, smiling and waving at well-wishers as he arrived in his maroon state Bentley limousine for the service being held at St George’s Chapel

Departure: King Charles was in high spirits as he shook hands with dozens of people who had lined up outside St George’s Chapel to greet him

One royal fan leaned over to tell Charles: ‘Happy Easter your Majesty – keep going strong and never give in’

Meanwhile, Princess Anne and the other royals in attendance also showed ‘their resilience’ in the face of the ongoing health woes for the King and the Princess of Wales, said James, with broad smiles seen on the Princess Royal as she arrived at the service

If the Princess Royal and her husband Timothy Laurence often look reserved during public outings, the couple appeared to enjoy a laugh and a joke as they arrived at church this morning

In the absence of Prince William, the Royal Family were instead led into the chapel by Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah, the Duchess of York

The senior royals, who remained slightly separated from Charles and Camilla – because of the King’s health concerns – lingered to chat after the service (Pictured: Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson with Princess Anne as they leave after attending the Easter Matins Service)

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Prince Andrew was back in the spotlight today – ahead of the release of Scoop next week – as he led the senior royals, and spent several minutes chatting to his sister Princess Anne at the service’s end (Pictured: Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence)

Sarah Ferguson, who has undergone her own cancer battles in recent months, wore a green boucle dress and decorated headband for the occasion 

The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth shakes the hand of Princess Anne outside St George’s Chapel

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, and their son James, Earl of Wessex are pictured waiting to go into St George’s Chapel this morning, as Sarah Ferguson chats to The Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth, with the Princess Royal and Tim Laurence looking on

James, Earl of Wessex, now 16, cut a lofty figure at the service, almost matching his father Prince Edward for height. Right Sophie and Edward are all smiles as they enter St George’s Chapel

Well-wishers were seen stood outside the chapel this morning as the awaited the King’s arrival, holding balloons that read ‘get well soon’ as well as ‘happy Easter’

Those gathered in Windsor were clearly missing the Prince and Princess of Wales, with plenty of well-wishers offering their support for the couple

Hoping for a glimpse: Hundreds of people gathered in Windsor to spot the royals on Easter Sunday earlier today

Instead the couple will instead be spending their children’s Easter holidays at Amner Hall – their country home – where they ‘will close off from the world and move on’.

Following Kate’s emotional video last Friday, the King said he was ‘so proud’ of the princess for her courage in speaking out, and is said to be in ‘the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law’. 

The smaller-than-normal royal party arrived in two Range Rovers. The first one contained the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, with their son, James, Earl of Wessex, while the second had the Princess Royal and the Duke and Duchess of York.

The royal family were then led into the chapel by Prince Andrew. 

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