Internet is a fast growing technology

Internet is a fast growing technology. Approximately 50% population of the world uses internet. First of all, I will tell you the difference between technology and science. Then, I will tell you how to be master and not slave of it. In the end, I will throw certain rules as to how to judge a thing whether it is a boon or a curse. Up till now, I have asked the question-What is the difference between Science and Technology? to 4-5 people, who have done their bachelor’s degree in technology. But, to my surprise none of them knew it. Science refers to the theory aspect of a thing. When that science is used for the benefit of the people by creating a product or 인터넷가입 a service, it is called ‘Technology’.

Before dwelling on INTERNET, I want to tell you a personal incident. One of my friends, was caught many times by me clearing the memory of his mobile. He told me that he receives apprx. 500 WhatsApp messages daily and some of them are in languages unknown to him. This incident shows the casualness with which people forward the messages received by them.

Yes! Wise and purposeful use of the Internet is a boon for the different segments of the society and businesses. It is removing the geographical barriers between people. There are so many different kinds of social networks like social media posts, videos and blogs, which are educative and by which artists, writers, designers, programmers, students and common people get a chance to increase their creativity after interacting with each other. More than this, online shopping, online jobs, online marketing, online banking, mobile-wallets etc. has helped societies to explore new heights using the internet. Thus, increasing the living standard of society.

Due to the Internet, a new culture is building. The culture of selfies, propaganda, stress, comparison, depression is growing faster. On the internet, everyone is speaking but fewer people are listening and very few of them are implementing the tips. It means 1 student and 1000 teachers.

WhatsApp and Facebook, which are said to be the best places to connect and find friends do not contribute in any way in dealing with the practical problems of life.

The biggest negative impact of the internet on our society is- it is making the people lose their capability of personal analysis. Because of lack of this ability, Internet is also influencing the society in economic, social, and political fronts, negatively. It can help the students in becoming literates but for making the students educated ones, we should not depend on artificial intelligence like internet. The people feel comfortable in commenting only. In practical lives, they remain indifferent to their shares in social upliftment. Because of internet, people are losing the connection and bond of having a family, friends, and relatives.

And I thinks It’s really important and necessary to educate the students regarding advantages and disadvantages of this technology while they are below 25 years of age. Till the completion of their education, they should not be forced in any way to use it. After their education is complete and they know the advantages and disadvantages of internet, they will be better equipped to use this piece of technology for the upliftment of the society. Until and unless a person has the basic knowledge of purpose of human life and sources needed for his journey, he can never use the services of INTERNET for attainment of common goal of all humans.

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It is just foolishness to ignore the benefits of internet. We must understand the real goal of our life so that internet can be used towards attainment of the same. We should educate our youth as to how internet can benefit them in realizing their short term and long term goals. For having the knowledge about real goal of our life, visit the site website Rules

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